Converting Nursery Furniture for Your Growing Child

As your baby grows into a young child, you'll find that you don't necessarily need all of the nursery furniture you once did. However, you don't have to donate or throw away these old furnishings. Instead, consider refinishing and refurbishing the items to create new uses for them. Here are just a few nursery items you can convert into other furniture. Changing Table When your baby outgrows the need for a changing table, you can convert it to a toy storage area.

Give Your Living Room An Elegant Makeover This Weekend

Isn't it time to change up the mood and looks of your living room? Since this is a hub in many homes, a new style will be noticed by all who visit. Enjoy a new atmosphere and theme in your family's living room this weekend! Some easy ways to transform the atmosphere of your living room are: Traditional furnishings. Get rid of the old furnishings and the clutter to jump right in to remodeling your living room this weekend.