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Transforming an Unused Bedroom Corner Into a Sitting Area

Bedrooms have gotten more spacious. Sometimes you end up with unused space. Even after you've placed extra dressers or chests of drawers for storage, you may simply have an area of dead space. Many bedrooms now feature a corner where you can relax in quiet. Keep reading for some furnishings and décor ideas to transform that unused space into a sitting area.

Area Rug

Your sitting room should be separate from the rest of the bedroom. One way to delineate the space is with an area rug. This rug should be just big enough to fit your furniture but not so large it expands into the bedroom space. Look for a rug that complements other textiles in the bedroom without matching fully.


The most important part of your sitting room is the seating. The seating should be comfortable. Ideally, the cushions should be firm but resilient so they'll stand up to the extra body weight. The classic seating for a bedroom is a chaise longue, which allows you to lie back and prop your feet up. However, plush chairs will work, too.

Accent Table

When you're relaxing, you want to have someplace to place a beverage or tablet nearby. If this appeals to you, look for a small, attractive table to set up near your seating. As with the area rug, the goal here is to complement other furniture within the bedroom. So, look for a similar finish as with your bed or dresser. You could look for a colorful table, too, that fits within your color scheme.


A sitting room can facilitate different activities, such as meditation, reading, and even writing. Most activities require some form of illumination. Your favored method of relaxation will help drive what kind of lighting you place in your sitting room. You may favor a floor lamp that curves over a chair for reading or a recessed light for mediation.

Wall Art

Another way to delineate the sitting room from the bedroom is with a piece of wall art. This item will hang straight on the wall closest to your sitting room. Some aspects of the artwork should match other artwork in your room. So, it can feature a similar frame, theme, or color scheme.


The sitting room should both look and feel cozy. You can achieve this ambiance with throw pillows and blankets. These textiles should match other throws in the rest of the room. Place them across your seating in a casual manner. Make sure they're soft enough to warrant usage when you want to cuddle.

Use the above elements to create a sitting room in your bedroom. If you need help finding these and other decor items, consider visiting home furnishing stores like Marlins Furniture.