Telling Furniture Apart

4 Tips For Picking Custom Upholstery Furniture

If you want to have a real custom space, one of the best ways to get a unique space is to add custom furniture and artwork to your space. Custom furniture and artwork will result in the creation of a space that is unlike any other space. When choosing custom upholstery furniture for your space, there are a few things you need to factor carefully before making a purchasing decision.  

Strength of the Fabric

It is a nice fantasy to think that you will never spill anything on your furniture. However, spills do happen, which is why it is nice to have furniture that can withstand a spill or two. Look for furniture that is upholstery with strong fabric that is not going to break down if you spill some water on it, or drip a little sauce on the chair. You want to choose a fabric that is both strong and easy to clean. 

Think About Color

Next, you need to think about the color palette of the room where you want to add the furniture. You want the furniture to work with the color palette. You want the color of the furniture to either complement the other colors in the room, or you want the colors to accent the other colors. There are two ways you can take the color of the furniture.  

Consider the Color Role the Furniture Will Play

It can be something neutral that you use as a base structure for the room. In that case, you would use other items in the room as focus pieces, such as a funky coffee table or a vibrant piece of artwork. The furniture can also be "the something" that stands out in the room. Maybe the artwork is more neutral in the room, and the custom upholstery chair or couch is the fun infusion of color and personality into the room. Think carefully about the color role you want your custom upholstery piece to play in your home. 

Think About Functionality

Finally, be sure to think about the function that you want the furniture to play. What do you need for the room? Do you need a statement coach that will just look good, or do you need something that is soft and enjoyable for sitting on and watching television in the evening? Think carefully about how you want to use the furniture in the room.  

When it comes to choosing custom upholstery for your home, consider the strength and quality of the fabric, how the color works with the space, and how you intend to use the furniture. This will help guide you to the right piece of custom furniture.