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How To Keep A New Furniture Set Like New

You just bought a new furniture set for your home and you want to keep the pieces looking as beautiful and amazing as possible. The condition of your furniture is largely dependent upon how well you care for it, so follow this guide for keeping your new furniture set in a beautiful, like-new condition.

Keep shoes off

Shoes shouldn't be worn on the couch, chairs, and settees you buy because the hard surface of shoes can wear out and place pressure on tender fabrics — particularly velvet or other delicate material. Furthermore, shoes usually have debris on them to some degree, which leaves behind stains and bacteria that will ruin your new furniture sooner than if you'd have a no-shoes policy in the home.

Keep out of the sun

The sun is a natural bleaching agent, which means if you leave any parts of your new furnishings out in the sunlight for long periods of time, you'll end up with fading fabrics which cause your pieces to look unevenly colored. The sun will also wear out patterns and make your beautiful new furniture set look faded and old.

You want to protect your new furnishings from the sun by using covers on your furniture or even putting a protective window film over main windows if you prefer to let sunlight in during the day. Your furniture salesman may be able to supply you with information about form-fitting or custom-fit covers for your window-exposed pieces.

Keep away from food and beverages

Even water causes damage to your furniture, so keep food and beverages away from your new furniture sets. This can be done by keeping a rule where no food or liquid items are allowed to be consumed on couches and chairs, or you can use dinner trays while eating to help prevent an accident from occurring. If you do get a stain or spill on your furniture, you must clean the offending mess right away to prevent creating a larger problem down the line.

Keep up with cleaning

Regularly vacuum your new furniture by vacuuming the surfaces with a hose and cleaning underneath the cushions. You'll also want to have your upholstery professionally cleaned when you have your carpets done. Don't use any cleaning products not designed for furniture use and make sure you don't overly scrub at any furniture pieces. You want to keep your furniture looking like new, not prematurely wear out your surfaces.

Now that you're ready to keep your furniture looking new for longer, get in touch with a furniture store like Chris Furniture to get started on securing that beautiful furniture set you've been looking for.