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Repair A Wooden Dining Room Table And Adorn The Tabletop With A Homemade Cloth And Centerpiece

If your holiday spending has left you with little or no money to invest in household goods, you may feel defeated after placing items on your wooden dining room table and noticing that the table wobbles since one of its legs is loose. Use hardware and wood glue to secure the leg and then, while you are at it, upgrade the table's appearance with a homemade tablecloth and centerpiece.

Carefully Flip The Table And Address The Wobbly Leg

Remove all items that are on the table and peer under the table so that you can see what type of hardware is used to secure the legs to the tabletop. If the hardware on the affected leg seems to be intact, then the trim that is secured to the bottom side of the table may be what is affecting the stability of the table.

If the wooden trim has come loose, wood glue can be used to reattach it. Nails or screws should also be driven through the wood piece to stabilize it. Lay some towels or a few pieces of plastic sheeting on the floor before carefully flipping the table over and resting the furnishing against the towels or sheeting.

The floor covering that you have selected will prevent the tabletop from becoming scratched while you perform the furniture repair. Go into your basement or utility shed to collect the hardware, glues, and power tool that you will be using to fix the table. 

Secure The Leg

Before you begin applying glue or driving hardware through the table's leg and bottom of the tabletop, you need to be certain where the leg is loose. Even though you assessed the table when it was in an upright position, upon closer inspection you may notice that the problem is more complex or that you were wrong about the hardware needing to be replaced or the location of the trim that is loose.

After you have looked over each of the table's legs and have determined what part of the table needs to be repaired, use an electric drill to drive nails or screws through any areas that are lacking hardware. If the trim that was originally secured to the tabletop is about to fall off, brush some wood glue on the side of the trim piece that needs to be reattached.

Hold the trim firmly against the bottom of the table for a few minutes. After the glue has dried, install a couple nails through the trim to assist with stabilizing the wooden piece.

Clean And Cover The Table

Stand the table up and push gently against one side of it. If the legs do not move and the tabletop does not shift, then you have been triumphant with the repair. Clean the wooden tabletop and then choose a piece of fabric that you would like to use as a homemade tablecloth.

Use a sewing machine to secure lace trim around the edges of the fabric. After covering the table with the cloth, create a colorful centerpiece for the table. Fill a bowl with colored glass pieces, faux flowers, or fresh fruit and place the centerpiece in the middle of the table.