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Converting Nursery Furniture for Your Growing Child

As your baby grows into a young child, you'll find that you don't necessarily need all of the nursery furniture you once did. However, you don't have to donate or throw away these old furnishings. Instead, consider refinishing and refurbishing the items to create new uses for them. Here are just a few nursery items you can convert into other furniture.

Changing Table

When your baby outgrows the need for a changing table, you can convert it to a toy storage area. Strip the existing finishing and repaint or refinish the table to give it a new look. Add cloth bins to the shelves, which can be then used for storage. Save one shelf for book storage, so you can organize your little one's favorite bedtime stories and books. Use the top shelf to display photos or beloved stuffed animals.

Nursery Rocker

You don't have to get rid of your nursery rocking chair completely when your baby gets older. Instead, consider reupholstering the chair to give it a fun new look. Consider a bright patterned fabric, and add a few throw pillows to the chair for added comfort. You can even cover up the wood spindles on a traditional rocker with additional upholstery and foam fill to completely transform the look of the chair. The rocker can then be used as a cozy place your child can use to read or study. Place a side table with built-in shelving next to the rocker to hold favorite books or handheld video games.

Toy Box

If your child is outgrowing the need for a toy box, or if you simply want to update the toy box to match the new room's design theme, consider repainting it in a fun, new color. You can also add an upholstered cushion to the lid, which lets your child use the toy box as a cozy seating area. Place the toy box against a wall under a window in the bedroom to create the look of a window seat, and place large pillows along the wall to complete this look.


Your baby's crib can be used in a number of ways. You can have your local furniture shop add upholstered cushions to turn the crib into a love seat for an older child's room, or you can simply remove the front rail and use the crib as a daybed in the room. For a more adventurous project, consider removing the mattress, springs, and front rail, and then place a piece of plywood at the bottom of the crib. You can paint the plywood with chalkboard paint to create a place for your child to practice drawing. To give the crib a completely new look, strip the existing finish or paint and add a new paint color to the piece.

Use these ideas as inspiration, and talk to your local furniture refinishing company about different ways you can convert your old nursery furniture to meet the needs of your growing child.