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Give Your Living Room An Elegant Makeover This Weekend

Isn't it time to change up the mood and looks of your living room? Since this is a hub in many homes, a new style will be noticed by all who visit. Enjoy a new atmosphere and theme in your family's living room this weekend!

Some easy ways to transform the atmosphere of your living room are:

Traditional furnishings. Get rid of the old furnishings and the clutter to jump right in to remodeling your living room this weekend. Spend some of your budget on finding vintage pieces and traditional furnishings that will make your room dignified and distinctive. Ask furniture retailers about brands like Stickley furniture, which melds rich woods with durable leather and hand craftsmanship.

Ambient lighting. The right light can change the mood of any room, so light things up with a gorgeous ambient light fixture. Add some small task lamps around the room for when people want to read or engage in activities; suspend unique pendant lights over desks or workspaces. Use warm-white bulbs for a relaxing illumination or cool-white bulbs for a restorative gleam.

Raise your window treatments. You can make your ceilings seem taller and the room seem larger with one simple trick: raise the window treatments. Try lifting curtain rods, drapes, and cornices about one foot above the upper sash of the window. Allow for this and buy longer drapes and curtains, so that they touch the floor, or even puddle on the floor, for more impact. 

Reveal your floor. Change the looks of your living room floor by removing carpeting, rugs, or coverings that could be hiding a gorgeous wood sub-floor. If you don't have wood flooring, consider tiling with a laminate or vinyl adhesive tile that will replicate the look of hardwood. Accent with some colorful runners in high-traffic areas of the room.

Intriguing accents. Once the clutter is gone from your living room, accent the space purposefully. Use vintage or antique items that you want to show off, and create captivating wall displays that will draw attention. Invest in vintage mirrors for a fitting focal point as well as a clever way to bring a sense of depth to the space and make your living room seem larger.

Use these suggestions to give your living room a whole new atmosphere this weekend. Visit furniture retailers to find authentic Stickley furniture, light fixtures, and accents to give your living room an elegant upgrade. Spend your weekend remodeling this popular space, and invite friends over to enjoy it by next week!