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Converting Your Walk0in Closet Into A Mini Nursery

With pediatricians recommending that babies sleep in their parents' bedrooms for at least the first 6 months of life, you may be wondering how to arrange your little one's crib and nursery essentials in your room. If you have a walk-in closet in your master bedroom suite, you can convert this space into a small nursery, which can keep your little one close to you at night without overcrowding your bedroom. The closet is close enough to your bed for you to hear your little one at night, but it provides a bit of privacy for you as well. Here are just a few options to create your tiny nursery.

Invest In A Wardrobe

The first concern will be what to do with your clothing while you are using your walk-in closet as a nursery. You can purchase a wardrobe from your local furniture store, which can be placed against one wall in your bedroom. The wardrobe will take up minimal space in your room and provide a way to organize your clothing. Use the space on top of the wardrobe to organize shoes and bags, or store them on the bottom shelf inside the wardrobe.

Hang Curtains

For the side of the nursery opposite where you will place your crib, hang a few floor-length curtains. They can cover up the closet rods to give the room a finished look, and they can create a small closet area to hang your child's clothing, Add a dresser to this area to hold diapers and small items you can't hang, and place a wicker basket or two on the floor to organize stuffed animals and toys.

Add The Crib

Once you select a crib from your furniture store, assemble it inside the closet. This will prevent you from having to fit a finished crib through the doorway. Remove any hooks, shelves or rods from above where the crib will sit to prevent anything from falling on your little one. Consider placing a small nightstand next to the crib. This can hold a bottle warmer or humidifier, or you can simply use it to hold a lamp for extra illumination.

Decorate The Space

Once you have all your baby essentials in the room, it's time to decorate the space. Consider small inspirational pieces of wall art or stick-on wall decals to create an engaging space for your baby to play in. Be sure to decorate with items that will be easy to remove, as you'll want to convert the nursery back into a walk-in closet when your little one is big enough to sleep in his or her own bedroom.

When your little one does finally transition to his or her own room, you can convert the space back into a closet. Consider moving the wardrobe you used for your own clothing into your child's room to provide additional storage space for toys, games and clothing. Be sure to visit your furniture store before starting your nursery project to find all the right items you want to add to your small nursery. For more information, contact a business such as AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.