Telling Furniture Apart

Fresh Tips For Your Modern-Style Living Room

Modern style is chic. It's characterized by clean lines and streamlined geometry. On the practical side, the minimalist nature of contemporary décor makes cleaning and movement through the space easier. As you make over your living room or decorate it for the first time, add fresh elements of modern style.

Contemporary Color Palette

The uncluttered aesthetic of modern style starts with the color palette. Subtle neutral colors tend to serve as the base – white is especially popular, but you can warm it up with shades of beige or taupe. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, you can then utilize strong colors to complement your neutral base. An ultra-modern color palette consists of a base of black and white accented with bright, primary colors. However, you can also utilize rich, naturalistic colors such as brown and shades of green. The key is to keep the overall balance, with the neutral hue dominating.

Mid-Century Furniture Style

One branch of modern décor is inspired by mid-century style. Such furniture features creative geometry, often being balanced on hairpin or otherwise narrow legs. The legs widen toward the top. The furniture itself often keeps with the lines of geometry, perhaps with flared arms in a chair or crisp edges on a table. This type of furniture works well if your design style is retro with a modern flair.

Contemporary Furniture

You don't have to go back to the mid-century for your furniture. Many modern living rooms blend an uncluttered aesthetic with comfortable furnishings. Think of a sleek, overstuffed leather couch or a chic, molded-glass coffee table. With contemporary furniture, your color palette should come out strong. For example, perhaps you've chosen gray accented with primary colors. Consider that contemporary couch in stunning red with gray or white chairs. Add cushions or a throw in monochromatic blue or yellow. This color block effect will further the modern sleekness even if your furniture is soft and cozy.

Accent Pieces

The accent pieces are where you can really play with color and geometry. For example, consider a metal lamp with a geometric base. Such an accent piece can give your living room industrial appeal without feeling sterile. Another option is to look for vases and other objets d'art in your color scheme. Just make sure they're more geometric than ornate. Finally, consider making a modern art print the focal point of your room. You can hang it prominently, perhaps over the mantle. The colors and shapes within the print can drive the overall décor of your room.

Incorporating elements of contemporary design give your living room a sense of chic.