Telling Furniture Apart

Buying New Furniture? 3 Tips To Ensure Your Furniture And Pet Play Nice

You probably love your pet to death. However, you often want to throw him or her outside when you see fur or mud stains all over your furniture. Some people turn to wrapping their furniture, particularly couches and chairs, in plastic. Luckily, you don't need to do either of these. Instead, you just need to choose furniture that has the ability to "live" in the same house as your pet. Here are three tips when selecting pet-friendly furniture:

Choose the Right Fabric

The right fabric is a key factor in choosing the best pet-friendly furniture for your home. Microfiber is a great fabric to consider if you have cats or dogs in the house. It is stain-resistant. This means that if your dog decides to track in dirt and mud from his run outside and jumps on the couch immediately before you have a chance to clean him up, you won't have to worry about the couch soaking up mud stains before you can get it clean. To maintain your microfiber furniture, you simply need a damp cloth with a bit of detergent on it. You can wipe away any imperfections. If your cat sheds tremendous amounts of fur, all you need to do is grab a plastic glove and rub the couch down.

Aside from microfiber, leather makes a great fabric for your home's furniture. Muddy footprints and fur can easily be wiped away, and leather is also resistant to stains. As long as you keep your pets' nails trimmed, you also won't have to worry about severe scratches on the leather.  

Take Care When Selecting Color

You may want a black couch for your living room, but you have a pet with white fur. This makes an awful combination. If you have an animal with lighter-colored fur, then you need to stick to light-colored furniture. If you have a pet with darker-colored fur, then you should opt for dark-colored furniture. By doing this, any fur that comes off your pet will blend in with the furniture until you have a chance to wipe it clean. Otherwise, the fur will stick out on your furniture like a sore thumb.

Don't Forget the Height

Aside from fabric and color, you should also give the height of your furniture a serious consideration. This isn't so much for your couch and chairs as it is for tables. For example, if you have a Boston Terrier who thinks he needs to pull food from the table the second you turn your back, then you need to consider a table that is out of reach. Opting for a bar-height table and chairs can help deter smaller dogs as well as many larger dogs.