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Three Tips For Caring For Your Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace can be a great option for those that are wanting to enhance the comfort of their homes during the cold winters. However, it is a reality that many homeowners are not particularly informed about or experienced with caring for a gas fireplace. To help you avoid some common problems with your fireplace, you should keep these three care tips in mind when it comes to maintaining this part of your house.

Inspect Any Ceramic Logs

To provide a more classic look, it can be common for homeowners to place ceramic logs in the fireplace. These logs will not ignite, but they can suffer wear and tear due to the prolonged exposure to the heat of the fire. This can result in the logs starting to degrade. When this occurs, the logs can release soot and ash that may create clogs in the chimney or gas burner. You can minimize these risks by making it a point to regularly perform a visual inspection of your ceramic logs. During these inspections, you should look for signs of the logs suffering extreme wear. Often, this will result in the logs changing shape as portions of it are gradually vaporized by the fire. When you discover that your logs are deteriorating in this fashion, you should have them replaced.

Keep The Chimney Maintained

Without a functional chimney, it would be possible for your home to quickly fill with dangerous fumes from the fire. Sadly, there are many homeowners that will make the critical error of neglecting this aspect of their fireplace. To avoid exposing you home to this risk, you should have the chimney professionally serviced each year. During these service visits, a technician will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the chimney. If portions of the chimney's lining or exterior are determined to be damaged, these contractors will be able to quickly repair the damage to prevent your home from suffering complications. Additionally, they will use a special tool that is capable of reaching the entire interior of the to chimney remove any substances that may have start to accumulate on the interior.

Clean The Burner

The burner will accumulate large amounts of oil residue over the time that the fireplace is used. These accumulations can drastically inhibit the flow of fuel to the burner, which can cause the entire system to struggle to operate. Luckily, cleaning the burner is a fairly simple task. To perform the task, you will want to ensure the burner is cool to the touch before using a damp cloth to wipe away any soot or residue that may be present. By performing this simple task each month, you can help to ensure that your burner works as efficiently as possible.

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