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Celebrating Your Fifth Anniversary With Wooden Furniture

Many couples choose to observe traditional gifts for each anniversary, from the first anniversary gift of paper to the sixtieth anniversary gift of diamonds. Marking the anniversary of your wedding and the start of your marriage is a big deal, so big gifts are in order. When your fifth anniversary approaches, wooden gifts are suggested. Give a romantic and fun twist to this tradition by choosing wooden furniture as presents for each other.

1. Make It a Part of the Party

You may opt to throw a party for your fifth anniversary that incorporates the new wooden furniture into the party itself. Invite guests who attended your wedding as well as new friends to amp up the fun factor. You may try out these ideas:

  • Buy a new dining room table and chairs, then throw a dinner party to commemorate your special anniversary.
  • Choose a new wooden entertainment center, then host a romance movie marathon as part of your anniversary celebration.
  • If you opt to purchase a new coffee table or poker table, host a game night party to show off the new table.

2. Focus on Just the Two of You

If you are in need of bedroom furniture, you may use the purchase of solid wood furniture for the bedroom as an excuse to keep your anniversary as a romantic celebration for just the two of you. The National Sleep Foundation reports that adults need to get at least seven hours of sleep per night, so that's a significant amount of time out of each day that you spend sleeping. Do it in style by choosing a new bed for your anniversary. It's a great gift that spouses can give each other. Consider a wooden headboard for these types of beds:

  • Large, four-posted bed
  • Platform bed
  • Canopy bed
  • Sleigh bed
  • Waterbed

3. Prepare for the Future

Many couples are ready to start a family or are already well on their way to having one on their fifth anniversary. Wooden furniture for a nursery can be a fun way to commit to your dream or to also celebrate the new addition to your family. For a couple who dreams of being parents, this gift can be very romantic. Some wooden furniture you may want to add to the nursery include:

  • Baby crib
  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair
  • Bench
  • Toy chest

Finally, keep in mind that wooden furniture is the perfect choice when you want to be practical yet also celebrate your fifth anniversary in grand style. When you opt for wooden furniture as your gifts, you can fulfill a need in your home while delighting each other with special presents that you'll always remember.