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Living With A Terribly Outdated Kitchen Composed With Real Hardwood? Make The Best Financial Changes And Improve Value

Have you recently purchased an older home that has some great wood structural components and materials in the kitchen, but the wood needs to be repaired and updated? If so, you can save a lot of money by refinishing and improving the kitchen, instead of gutting everything inside it. Buying solid wood cabinets, trim, and flooring is a hefty expense, and you can have the wood restored for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when meeting with the furniture repair professional to update the space.

Repair and Customize Cabinetry

If you already have solid wood cabinets but you don't like the stain, or you don't think you have enough space, the custom cabinetry expert can do a couple of things. They can sand all the cabinets down so they are unfinished and prepped to paint or stain any color that you want, and they can add more cabinetry to meet your storage needs. Floor to ceiling cabinets are a popular trend, and you can add trim other design features to make the cabinets look cohesive even though some may be decades old.

Restore Wood Floors and Trim

Hardwood floors can last for 100 years or longer if they are cared for properly, so your wood floors should outlast your home. The wood floors can be sanded down, stained, and then sealed to prevent future warping, scratches and damages, along with the baseboards and window trim. If the trim around the home is outdated or you want something wider, talk with the professional about just having the baseboards or window trim replaced around the home.

New Hardware

The current drill holes that are in the cupboards and cabinet drawers from the previous hardware may dictate what type of metal fixtures and handles you can get. Measure the gap and look at the brushed nickel or other modern hardware options you can choose from, or have the furniture repair professional bring you a set of options to choose from. Changing the hardware is going to make a big impression in the space.

If there is a lot of old wood around your kitchen and home that can be reused and restored, don't waste your time or money ripping it all out of the kitchen. Instead, take the time to hire an expert and have all the wood restored and modernized to improve your home value and appeal. To find out more, speak with a business like R A Mayo Industries.