Telling Furniture Apart

Answering Common Questions About Custom Furniture

The type of furniture that fills your home or business can play a major role in determining the overall comfort of the interior. While furniture can come in many different types and styles, it is common for people to want to purchase custom furniture. This can be an excellent choice for those wanting their furniture to make a statement, but if you have never ordered this type of furniture, you may need a couple of questions answered before starting the ordering process.

What Is The Difference Between Reclaimed And Recycled Materials?

During the design stage of the process, you will need to make many critical decisions about your project. In particular, it will be necessary for you to determine which type of materials you want used for your furniture. To this end, it will be important for you to understand the differences between reclaimed and recycled materials.

Both of these options are made from used wood, but reclaimed wood is often left with a weathered and worn appearance. While structural problems with the pieces of wood will be corrected, it will retain its aged appearance. Conversely, recycled wood has been restored as close to new as possible. As a result, you should consider opting for reclaimed wood when you want a rustic piece of custom furniture made.

How Do You Care For Custom Wood Furniture?

Purchasing custom furniture can be a major investment to make, but these pieces of furniture will need to be regularly maintained to minimize the risk of some damages occurring. As a result, you will need to be familiar with some of the more basic maintenance steps that are involved in this process. One of the more basic steps that you will need to do involves applying a protective sealant on the wood. This sealant will prevent moisture from harming the wood, and you should make sure to apply these substances on a yearly basis. Additionally, you should make sure to thoroughly clean the piece of furniture on a monthly basis. Failure to do this step can allow dust and dirt to permanently discolor the furniture.

Custom furniture can be a great investment to make in your home or business. However, making sure that you get the most from this investment can be difficult for those that are inexperienced with ordering high-end furniture. Fortunately, ensuring that you understand the difference between reclaimed and recycled wood as well as the type of care custom furniture requires will help enable you to make a sound choice about making this purchase. Contact a business, such as Senetics, for more information.