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Rainy Day Project - Custom Picture Frames Your Child Can Decorate For A Relative

If you are looking for a fun project to do with your child, and you have a relative with a birthday coming up in the near future, you may want to have your son or daughter help you make a custom picture frame as a homemade gift. This will surely be a hit with your child as it will pass away the time doing something that will be treasured for years to come. Here are a few ideas to inspire you when decorating custom picture frames as gifts.

Make A Hand Painted Masterpiece

Purchase a picture frame with a wide wood perimeter. Remove the glass, backing, and inlay. Place the frame on a piece of newsprint so your tabletop is protected for this project. Have your child dip their hands into bowls of colored paint and then place their painted palms directly onto the wood surface of the frame. This will leave behind hand prints in the desired colors and angles your child selects. This is a wonderful personalized gift that will show your child's artistic side and will look great adorning any wall with a photo of your child in the frame.

Show A Puzzling Side

If your child has a puzzle with missing pieces, revitalize the leftover pieces by using them around the perimeter of a frame. Purchase an unfinished wood frame from a local craft supply store. Remove the glass, backing, and inlay and have your child paint the wood portion in a light color.

After the paint dries, have your child glue a few of the puzzle pieces directly onto the wood frame. When the frame is reassembled, the picture will be surrounded by three-dimensional pieces on the wood frame. This is a trendy, unique gift that will be sure to get comments after it is hung on a wall.

Use Pictures To Frame

Consider using pictures on the exterior of the frame as well as in the interior. Have your child select several of their favorite photographs of themselves or of the relative getting the gift. Have your child cut out the faces from the pictures using a pair of safety scissors. Glue the faces to a wood picture frame. When the glue has dried, use polyurethane to seal the pictures to the wood. Place a photo in the frame and imagine the joy your relative will have when they see the smiling faces surrounding the main subject.

If you're looking to give a more professionally framed picture or piece of artwork, consider a custom frame from a company like Trapani Art & Frame.