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Adjustable Beds: Luxurious And Healthy

In recent years, you have been reminded by the medical community that getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining both physical and mental health. If you are routinely getting less than eight hours of sleep, you are actually harming yourself. If you are in bed for eight hours, but you aren't getting enough sleep due to restlessness, you may want to consider investing in a new bed. Investing in comfortable beds, including adjustable models, is not just a luxury but actually a health necessity.

Back Pain

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, a problem that tends to increase with age. Decades of daily wear takes a serious toll on your spine, which can cause painful nerve conditions such as sciatica. When you sleep in a traditional bed, you often wake up with stiff muscles and compressed nerves. An adjustable bed allows you to get customized support for your body. You can raise the feet and the head of the bed, taking pressure off your spine and creating support under your lower back. 

Respiratory Problems

If you suffer from a respiratory problem, an adjustable bed can give you relief. Raising the head of the bed can open up your airways, which helps people suffering from asthma, emphysema, sleep apnea, and allergies. Your lungs are better able to expand, and you should have fewer problems with mucus and fluid. Also, if you or your partner snores, purchasing an adjustable bed can help eliminate the noise and sleep disruption that the condition causes. 


An adjustable bed can relieve strain on your heart and ease swelling in your feet and legs. Your heart pumps better and easier if you sleep with your feet slightly raised. Improved circulation improves entire body health and allows you to get a comfortable night's sleep, including invaluable REM sleep, which is essential for renewing your mental and physical abilities. Improved circulation also helps you get rid of excess fluid that has built up in your body. By simply sleeping in the correct position, you help your body heal itself and operate more efficiently.

Adjustable beds are not just a luxury item, although sleeping in one will make you feel pampered. These beds have numerous proven health benefits. They also simply allow you to get better sleep for longer periods of time. Eight hours of restful slumber will do as much good for many people as some medications and other health treatments. If you have medical conditions or simply do not sleep well, you should consider buying an adjustable bed from a company like Florida Mattress Center. It will improve your life.