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Tips for Protecting Your Bedroom Furniture from Bed Bugs

Your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable areas of your home, but if you have recently learned that your neighbors have bed bugs, you may be terrified at the thought of them invading your room as well. While it is possible to exterminate these pests, it can be exceedingly difficult once they have burrowed deep into your furniture. Fortunately, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help keep these pests from getting inside your bedroom furniture in the first place. 

Encase Your Bed

Your mattress is a perfect target for these insects. In addition to providing them with a suitable home, you will also be a convenient food source for them. However, you can drastically minimize this risk by encasing your mattress. Encasing the mattress will involve putting it in a special plastic container that bed bugs cannot penetrate. 

Some people may not want to do this because they are concerned about the plastic encasement making a crinkling sound during the night. You can minimize this by placing a cotton sheet over your mattress before encasing it. The cotton will help to absorb some of the sound produced by the plastic. While it will be impossible to completely eliminate this sound, you can drastically reduce it, and enduring this minor inconvenience may be worth it to stay safe from bed bugs. 

Treat Your Bedroom Furniture with a Bed Bug Repellent 

Encasing can be an excellent way of protecting your mattress from bed bugs, but there are likely other items of furniture in your bedroom that can also serve as an excellent home for these pests. Unfortunately, encasing items such as chairs or couches may not be a very practical option. Bed bug repellents will prevent the bugs from ever establishing a home in these pieces of furniture, but this spray will gradually wear out. As a result, you will need to reapply this repellent at least a couple of times a year for maximum protection. 

After applying the bed bug repellent, you will need to vacate the room for several hours to allow the fumes to dissipate. This may be inconvenient, but it can spare you from experiencing headaches, allergy problems, or any other number of issues that exposure to these fumes can cause.

Keeping your bedroom furniture safe from bed bugs is important for ensuring you are not bitten by these insects during the night. However, you may not be familiar with bed bugs or how to thwart them. By encasing your mattress and treating the rest of your furniture with bed bug repellent, you can help ensure that this is not a problem that makes it into your bedroom. However, if you notice a bed bug in you room despite these efforts, you should contact a professional exterminator as soon as possible to prevent the bed bug population from rapidly growing.