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Piano Tuning: Helpful Maintenance Guidelines For The Piano Owner

If you take your piano seriously, either for casual play or professional use, you will need to be sure you are getting it tuned thoroughly. Every piano owner should know some important pieces of information on piano tuning, including what the process involves, why it is important, how often to have it tuned and how much it will cost. To find the answers to these important questions, read the article below and begin reaching out to piano tuning professionals in your city. 

What is involved in the piano tuning process?

Piano tuning is a sophisticated art that is made necessary due to the varying environmental changes that affect the piano's components. When getting your piano tuned, a professional will adjust parts like the strings, wood casing, joints, pads and other parts, so that you get the best performance out of the piano. These professionals will double check for accurate sound and pitch by using a variety of sophisticated tuning tools.

What benefits will you enjoy with frequent tunings?

Getting your piano tuned regularly comes with a plethora of advantages. First and foremost, your piano will sound much better, making it a valuable and useful instrument. Further, your learning of the instrument will increase, since you are hearing an accurate representation of each note. Getting the piano tuned will prevent future problems from taking place in the same way that doctor visits prevent future health problems. Getting these frequent tunings will prolong the life of your piano, so that it is useful to you, with peak performance for many years.

How often should you have my piano professionally tuned?

Depending on the brand of piano you have and the amount of time you have owned it, you will need to have your piano serviced between 2 to 4 times per year. Investing in an annual maintenance plan for your piano will allow you to do this at a reasonable cost. Reach out to technicians in your area who can help you out with these regular piano tunings, so that they have accurate records of past tunings, to compare your piano's future sounds.

How much will piano tuning cost you?

On average, people pay about $100 per hour to have their pianos tuned. Since you must get the piano tuned multiple times during a year, be sure to set aside enough money to handle this cost. This will keep your piano valuable and useful over the years.

Consider these tips and call up a piano tuning technician, like those at Arin Piano Co., who can help you today.