Telling Furniture Apart

Themes You Can Consider When Purchasing Living Room Furniture

For most homeowners, their living room is a reflection of their personal taste. This is the one place you have creative discretion and a chance to impress any guests that you host. What most people do not realize though, is that your interior décor does not have to be the product of a university degree. By experimenting with different themes, you get a better idea of how to decorate your household and buy the right furniture from stores like Heary Art & Sons Furniture Inc. Here are some of the themes you can consider before settling on what living room furniture would be best for your home.

Jungle theme

With this theme, you will lean toward nature to achieve a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. This theme is also a great way to express your personality if you are an outdoors person. For the jungle theme, look for furniture pieces that comprise of shades of green coupled with wood finishing. You can pull the entire look together by incorporating a moss green rug or curtains for the room. Experimenting with different shades and different pieces will enable you to figure out what best speaks to your personal sense of style.

Neo-modern theme

Neo-modern interior décor is more concerned with the minimalistic approach. This means that you will not need numerous pieces of living furniture and would rather concentrate on making the room more spacious and clutter free. For this theme, you could opt for Japanese inspired furniture items, as these tend to be less frivolous than other options. To add some character to the room, you could experiment with nude shades of color on pillows, drapes and such.

Country theme

As the name suggests, this theme takes motivation form the old country. If you are a country bumpkin at heart then this theme would make your home the perfectly decorated haven for you. The country theme is characterized by warm accents and over the top decorations. With this theme, less is definitely not more and you are free to go as overboard as you would like. To make it appear authentically country, you should opt for solid shades of warm colors such as deep reds, yellows and browns. You could also incorporate patterns such as florals, calicos and stripes in your draperies, rugs and pillowcases to add to that rustic country flair. Invest on antique hardwood furniture pieces with a dark finish to complete the look of the theme. Moreover, do not forget a strategically placed rocking chair!