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Enhancing Fax Systems With Computer Technology

Business has long since advanced with the introduction of personal computers, which includes business workstations. Even though there are many ways to conduct business faster with computer technology, there are times when older techniques are still necessary. Signed documents and modern facsimile (fax) machines are still necessary to verify identity and intent, and may create a lot of clutter if not managed properly. If you'd like to make your current technology work with old technology systems, keep reading for a few ways to make faxing and other processes easier.

Why Are Fax Machines Still Around?

The modern fax machine can be a confusing subject of new technology for people who worked in offices in the 1980's and 1990's. In many ways, they're newer than the concept of personal computers, but have become obsolete with the speed and ease of emails and Internet chat technology.

The one reason that fax machines are still used--outside of being stubborn about technology--is the need for physical signatures on important documents. For legally-binding purposes, a printed signature is not sufficient. Courts need a physically signed, personally-identifying signature to prove that a document was signed with honest intent by the parties involved.

Email makes it easy for people to send forged signatures by using image editing software, but that's not the main reason for demanding faxes--after all, the next section will show how the same technology can be used on faxes. The issue is that viruses can be sent via email, and impersonating important documents is one way that computer viruses infect offices

Unless your office is completely computer savvy, you may end up with everyone from the accounting intern to the executives downloading fake documents with viruses inside. Fax machines can get around that problem by simply printing paper that has nothing to do with the computers. Sure, viruses can attack fax machines, but it doesn't lock down the computer systems in critical ways.

Using Scanners Can Automate The Process

The Internet can connect many different pieces of technology, such as using the phone over the Internet with Voice over IP (VOIP) or scanning documents into digital format with scanners.

For computers, a scanner is basically a copier that creates a digital copy of a document instead of printing out the copy. There are many Internet services available that can take your digital documents and send them as a fax to any number you desire.

Be careful, as many of these services are maintained by third-party companies. Even if they promise security, you don't want to trust your most important documents to a company you have no control or relationship with. Instead, contact an Information Technology (IT) solutions professional to have a system designed for your company.

You'll need a reliable scanner that can handle multiple pages for many business needs, not just a single, flat bed printer. Contact a scanner, printer and copier professional to discuss your business needs and find a scanner that works for your automation needs.