Telling Furniture Apart

Stop Quacking And Give Your Office A Duck Dynasty Makeover

Don't let the laid-back style of the Robertson family's office space fool you; this family gets a lot of work done in the run of a day. For the same earthy, nature-inspired theme that seems prevalent in the Duck Dynasty compound, there are some simple style rules that you can use in your own office or workspace. Visit office furniture merchants and retailers to find the perfect furnishings that will provide years of function and productivity.

Some simple rules-of-thumb for getting a Duck Dynasty flavor in your office space include these tips:

Wood is good.

These boys grew up in the woods of West Monroe, Louisiana, so there is a recurring theme of wood seen in the Duck Commander offices. From the rich oak desks to the natural wood paneling along the walls, this lends to the natural flavor and traditional style of this savvy family of entrepreneurs.

Decorate with decoys.

You won't see a lot of clutter or decorative accents in the Duck Commander offices. Since this space also serves as the production area for the reeds and shells of the duck calls that they manufacture, they need to preserve as much space as possible for their product. It seems fitting that the exception to this is the inspired theme includes duck decoys placed on any available surface space, shelf, or table in and around the workplace.

Opt for comfort.

The Robertsons like to keep things casual and comfortable, and you won't find stiff, ornate furnishings in their homes -- or their offices. Willie is the company CEO, and his office consists of a large durable desk with a large, ergonomic chair for long days spent at his desk. He keeps the floors bare to accommodate his roll-out putting green for some quick practice between business meetings and appointments.

Add nap-nooks.

In order for Uncle Si to stay productive in the production room of the family business, he requires a short afternoon nap. Configure office areas with dedicated space that can be used to sit back, put your feet up, and grab a quick rest. A camouflage-fabric sofa or sectional seating unit works well in larger office spaces, but a comfy recliner in the corner also will do the trick.

Why not give your office a touch of the great outdoors? The Robertson family has built their duck dynasty by merging comfort with function, and this translates to the family's duck-call business and office space. Talk with office retailers and furniture stores to find the perfect pieces to transform your office effectively and affordably.