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Learn How To Give Your Dining Room Table A Facelift Quickly And Easily

Giving your dining room a facelift can seem a bit overwhelming depending on how dramatic a change you want to make. The focal point of the room is often the dining room table. If you can give your table a dramatic facelift, the rest of the room will seem dramatically different instantly. The following guide walks you through how to paint your dining room table to create a bold striped pattern on the top.

Choose Your Colors

The first thing you need to do is choose what colors you want to use to create the striped pattern. You want the colors to create a bold look without being overwhelming to the eye. Black and gray, black and white, and brown and pale yellow all work well together to create the striped pattern without making the table look like an eyesore.

Prepare the Tabletop

Sand down the top of the table and the legs with 80-grit sandpaper. Be sure that you are sanding with the grain so that you do not make swirl marks. To figure out which way the direction of the grain is, all you need to do is look closely at the wood. Lines will go across the table in one direction naturally. Whichever way the lines travel, that is the direction in which you want to sand. You will either be sanding with vertical or horizontal strokes, but never in circles or both directions on the same piece.

Paint the Table

Choose whichever color you want the stripes to be and use a paintbrush to paint the entire table that color. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours before continuing.

Measure and Mark

Use a tape measure to measure where you want to paint the stripes. You want to place a stripe every three inches. Take into account that the stripe will be about one inch thick so place a mark every four inches on the table. Be sure that you make marks on both sides of the table so that you can match up the ends of the tape to ensure that the stripes are as straight as possible.

Paint the Table

Once the tape is in place, paint the entire table with the second color of paint you choose. Be sure that the paint dries for a few more hours and then peel away the tape. You should see the stripes on the tabletop. You can then use the paint to paint the legs to paint the legs of the table if you want to make a more uniformed look.

When all of the paint has dried, spray a light coat of polyurethane gel on the table to create a protective barrier on it. You can then build the rest of the room off of the unique table to create a one-of-a-kind dining room you can be excited to use for dinner parties or simple family meals.

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